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Halloween Festival 2019 of Tricks and Treats

Halloween is spooky and scary! It is celebrated in many countries on 31 October. It is the first day of Alhahallowtide that is the day when you remember the dead. Some of the activities associated with this amazing Halloween festival 2019 are costume parties, scary stories, horror movie watching, apple bobbing, bonfire lighting etc. Some people also attend the church services and even light candles on the graves. According to a tradition, people eat different vegetarian food, apples, soul cakes, potato pancakes and apples.

Why Halloween is celebrated?

Ancient Origin

Its origin lies in the Samhain’s Celtic festival. Before 2,000 years, Celts used to celebrate New Year on November 1.

During this time of year dark and cold winter starts and people related it with human death. According to them, living and dead world tends to meet on the night before New Year. So, 31 October is marked as the return of the ghosts to earth.

According to Celtic priests, spirits from other world help them in predicting the future. So, they made big bonfires and burnt crops and animals to deities of Celts. They wore different types of costumes made up of animal skins and heads and tried to tell the fortune of each other.

All Saint’s Day

Pope Boniface IV, on May 13, 609 A.D started the All Martyrs Day. Later it was moved to 1 November.  When Christianity spread across the Celtic lands and got some influence of their tradition.  The church replaced the festival of dead to All Soul’s Day on November 2.

To celebrate All Soul’s Day, people dressed up in different costumes, enjoyed parades and bonfires. This day was also known as All-hallows and the night before this traditional night was called All-Hallows Eve and then finally became Halloween.

Some Surprising Halloween Traditions
There are many Halloween traditions which everyone follows to make the eve memorable such as:

Trick and Treating: This is something that kids wait for. This is an interesting practice in which children dress up in different costumes and ring the doorbells of people for grabbing some candies. Then, they give two options- Trick or treat. If the person refuses to give the treat, then they do some mischief with him or her.

Costume Contest: Wearing attractive or scary costume is a tradition on Halloween. You can choose to wear costume of a ghost, witch, and real figure or even like a fictional character.

Recreational Activities: Pumpkin carving, corn mazes and hay rides are some of the popular activities on Halloween. People can use simple templates to carve huge pumpkins or even get it carved by experts.

Spiritual Activities: Those who like adventure enjoy spiritual chanting and ghost hunting. People also visit different haunted places and houses.

Candy Apples:  The harvesting of apples is done just before Halloween. People enjoy making and eating candied apples.  Irish-Americans make fruit cakes. One of the cake pieces contains a coin and whoever receives it, is considered the lucky one.

Watch Horror Movies: Scary movies on Halloween are a great hit. People love to watch them. ‘Halloween’ is a classic hit that featured Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance, and Tony Moran. It is a murder mystery.

Some of the others movies are Friday the 13, Scream, Hocus Pocus, Beetle juice and it’s the Great Pumpkin, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Nightmare on Elm Street, Charlie Brown. 

Overwatch Halloween Event 2019
Overwatch is a team-based game of shooters. Halloween-themed event for this game will start from October 15 and will end on November 4.  In this Halloween Terror event, you can find new batch of sprays, skins and emotes. 

5 new skins are added such as Pharaoh Ana, Demon Orisa, Scorpion Widowmaker, Warlock Ashe, and Will-o’-Wisp Tracer in Overwatch Halloween Event 2019. You can complete weekly challenge to get Hunter Sombra skin.

Overwatch can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

Best Halloween Events to Attend in the U.S
Take your family to not so scary places and join on the spooky celebrations. There are many cool places where you can visit such as:
  • Balloon Festival of Salt River Fields (Scottsdale, Arizona):  This event is organized on October 25 and October 26. Children can have superb fun by visiting to the hot air balloons. Delicious treats, haunted trail and glowing hot air balloon in night and astonishing fireworks are some of the major attractions of this event.
  • Sleepy Hallow (New York City): This place is known for the story of a headless horseman. You can enjoy Tarrytown Halloween Parade that is organized at October 26. It is fun-filled event with entertainment and floats.
  • There is one more event that starts on October 31 and continues for few days more in November- Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze. Here you can find over 7000 hand- carved big pumpkins.
  • Disneyland’s Halloween Time (Anaheim, California):  The park of Disneyland on this 31 October is completely transformed in a Halloween themed heaven. People can enjoy fun food and treats, scary costumes and makeovers and spooky decorations.
  • Village Halloween Parade (NYC): This parade is held on 31 October. In this parade people enjoy music, wear scary costumes and have a great time with family. If you find it frightening for kids, then you may also attend the Annual kids Halloween parade held on 31 October in Washington Square Park.
  • Halloween Hullaballoo: This event is organized in Mildred & Dildred's of Tucson. Main attractions of this event are games, rocket balloons and costume contests.
  • London Dungeon: Here you can come face to face with the bloody past of London. Events like Black Plague are really scary. Here you can also find the villains such as Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper. 
  • Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival: In Derry, Ireland more than 50,000 people gather in the streets wearing homemade costumes and enjoy unbelievable fireworks and parade.
Best Halloween Costume Ideas
The best part of Halloween is to dress up in different and unique costumes.  Whether you are looking to take part in costume contest or want to give a scariest costume to your friend, costumes are an imperative part of Halloween.

Halloween Costumes for Women

  • Angel Dress Costume: This angel has some dark shades in her. You can wear black dress, put on some black wings and team it up with a black halo to get Halloween look.
  • Egyptian Goddess Look:  This Halloween you can dress up like Cleopatra, an Egyptian queen. All you need is a black short skirt and head gear with cobra symbol.  A golden collar and shiny long glovettes will complete the costume.
  • Pirate Costume:  Feathered hat and ruffle sleeve top with low skirt and skull designed belt make an amazing pirate costume.
  • Cat suit: A figure hugging, 3-piece cat suit with a black tail, belt and cat ears give you appearance of cat girl.
  • Princess Costume: A beautiful light blue cloak dress and a shining crown with stunning jewelry and other accessories can give you an amazing princess look.

Halloween Costumes for Men

  • Patrick Bateman, American Psycho: He was a serial killer. You can just wear a suit and plastic jacket to get his look. Fake blood splatter is necessary for the spooky element.
  • Ash Evil Deal Costume:  He is a badass and is loved by people who love horror movies. You can get this Halloween costume look by wearing a ragged blue shirt and chainsaw.
  • Batman: This costume is classic. You can dress up like a hero fighting the evil in this world on Halloween.
  • Skeleton Costume:  You can get a head-turning transformation by wearing this skeleton costume on Halloween. You can look sweet, fun and a little creepy.
  • Cowboy: If you want to look cool with great attitude then just wear your hat, boots and lasso and turn into a cowboy.

Halloween Costumes for Kids

  • Witch: Little girls can look amazing in the outfit of witches. They can look really adorable in dresses of pink, black and purple colors. Don’t forget to buy the matching hat and magical wand to get the classic look.
  • Cute Avocado: Imagine your kid dressed up as little and green avocado, Isn’t it adorable! A cute jacket with different shades of green and a brown patch on the stomach would look amazing on children.
  • Spider-Man: Children love spider-man. You can make your child wear the iconic red and blue 2-piece suit for Halloween party.
  • Unicorn Costume: It is comfortable, colorful and attractive costume for children. Your child is going to love the unicorn horn, tail and amazing wings.
  • Pikachu: You kid is going to look simply awesome in a yellow jumpsuit and headpiece.
  • Super Mario: Remember Mario, the most popular video game among the kids of 90s. You can look like that character by wearing a blue 1 piece jumpsuit and teaming it up with mustache, hat and a glove.
  • Hulk Deluxe from Avengers 4: Giant humanoid that is green in color, Hulk is most loved by the children. You need a padded jumpsuit, a pair of green boots and a ferocious mask.
What is the Traditional Food for Halloween?
Pumpkin has a great significance in Halloween. You can find the use of every of pumpkin in making various recipes.  Some of the traditional foods are:

Boxty, Potato Pancakes: These are delicious pancakes of raw and mashed potato and flour.

Colcannon:  It is a green mix of cabbage and mashed potato that is mixed with cream and butter. It is given a shape of cake and fried.

Soul Cakes: Baking a soul cake on Halloween is a tradition. Flower, sugar, nutmeg, cloves, other spices and butter is needed to make this lip smacking cake.

Some Amazing Offers from Various Top Stores
On the occasion of Halloween people shop different types of things at discounted prices using some surprising offers and deals. You can buy fashion products & accessories, beauty products, home décor products, gift baskets, and much more at amazing discounts. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Cheapoair- It is a travel booking platform that offers upto $27 discount on flight bookings on Halloween. So, if you are planning to visit your favorite places this Halloween, then book your flight tickets now.
  • Spirit Halloween- All your Halloween shopping needs end at Spirit Halloween.  It offers a huge 36% discount on superhero costumes for men.
  • It also provides flat 20% on other new Halloween fashion styles.
  • Blooms Today- It is an amazing store that deals in flowers and gifts. You can buy flowers and baskets for Halloween at 25% discount.
  • Cool Glow- It is a popular shopping store that offers supercool party supplies. You can also enjoy 10% discount on these products for Halloween costing over $39.99.
  • Gourmet Gift Baskets- No celebrations are complete without sweets. Gourmet Gift Baskets sells Halloween strawberries for just $44.99 and Witch’s Kitchen baked goods gift box for only $29.99.
  • Budget Pet World- Halloween is also special for pets. So, buy them some great stuff at 7% discount from this online shopping store.
  • Grunt Styles- Looking to buy a scary Halloween tee? Then buy it from here at flat 20% discount.
  • Hot Topic- Now, shopping here is fun and economical on this time of the year.  It offers upto 50% off on home décor and even 30% discount on pet costumes.
  • The Home Depot- This Halloween, give a perfect finish to your home with wonderful variety of products like hardwood and flooring.  You can enjoy the benefit of upto 20% discount on flooring and even upto 15% discount on hardwood.
  • Guitar Center- Halloween party is incomplete without scary lighting effects, super sound systems and great music. Live sound system for Halloween is available at upto 25% discount. You can also get some lighting and effects for 25% discount.

So, this is Halloween! With an engaging history and rich traditions, this festival is celebrated by adults and children with high level of enthusiasm. Right from selecting the costume, decorating the home, purchasing variety of gifts to eating some yummy sweets, Halloween is much-awaited day of the year.

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