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Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner Used in Housekeeping

Are you thinking of investing in a quality vacuum cleaner for your home? Today, it is a common practice to use this equipment for both home and office cleaning, and any kind of housekeeping job.

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Types of Vacuum Cleaner for Home:

  • Dry vacuum cleaner: This is useful for removing the dust primarily along with tiny pieces of debris that tend to get stuck in the ceilings, walls, upholstery, and floors. They are fitted with flexible hoses and a variety of attachments like crevice-cleaning head, power head, extension tubes, dusting head, etc.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners: These are lightweight devices which can be maneuvered with hand. Handheld ones are very convenient for taking care of the hard-to-reach places which are usually overlooked in the house when you are cleaning it. These vacuum cleaners are best suited for cleaning couches, music systems, curtains, and upholstery edges.
  • Bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner: The biggest advantages of vacuum cleaner of this type are that you can conveniently clean blankets, sofas, pillows and rugs, mattresses, etc. using this; moreover, some of the high-end models even have UV light-disinfection devices that can eliminate microbes along with dirt and dust. This makes the bed not only squeaky clean but smelling well too.
  • Cylindrical vacuum cleaner: This type works only with suction power and does not have any rotating brush attached to it. It however has a filter that acts as a diffuse and eliminates the fine dust particles. The cylindrical vacuum cleaner is also fitted with a flexible hose and multiple attachments which allow you to clean different kinds of surfaces.
  • Wet-cum-dry vacuum cleaner: Most hotels and commercial places have carpeted floors and rugs. Guests are likely to spill things on these from time to time; so, keeping this dirt free is a tough task. You can depend on this type of a vacuum cleaner to take care of carpeted floors and also cleaning the floor where dirt is likely to settle down in grout lines.
  • Backpack vacuum cleaner: This type is super lightweight and has an ergonomic backpack. So, housekeeping personnel can easily strap it onto his back and use it with both his hands. This model ensures fatigue-free cleaning when the housekeeping staff must clean many rooms at one go or a very large surface area perfectly. These models have a lot of power and this makes them super-efficient; but, they are noiseless. They are ideal for cleaning curtain ends, upholstery edges, ceilings, mattresses, computers, music systems, etc.
  • Electric brooms: These are lightweight cleaners that are fitted with a beater bush that is driven by motor. However, this type is mainly for light vacuuming purposes like touch-ups on hard floors and carpets. The advantage is that many electric broom models are battery-operated and you do not have to worry about cords when using these.
  • Upright Vacuum: These are most commonly used in hotels and are driven by single motors. The dust bag stays outside the body of the cleaner and the main body is horizontally placed on the floor.

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