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4 Beautiful Hiking Spots in the USA

There are thousands of hiking spots in the USA. Every state and city in this country has an enormous variety of routes to discover, so it’s very difficult to select a few best hiking trails in the USA. For every hiker, America is a dream country as it consists of almost every type of hiking spot and landscape within its boundaries. So, what are you wondering? Book a trip to the USA with the newest BH Mallorca discount code and enjoy the craziest hikes in America with your family and friends.

List of 4 Most Beautiful Hiking Spots in the USA

  1. Lost Coast Trail, California:
    This hiking spot is located in northern California. It is a hidden gem in the state and is exceptionally beautiful. If you are planning to hike here, then you may require 3 to 4 days’ time to complete this trail as its route is 25 kilometers long. The best time to hike on Lost Coast trail is between May and October as during this time the temperature is comfortable and warm in the day and pleasant in the night.
  2. Tonto Trail, Arizona:
    Tonto trail is one of the lengthiest trails near the South Rim. While hiking here you can enjoy the outstanding view of Colorado River and gigantic red canyons. Remember to carry plenty of water with you as water can be a major issue while hiking here, especially during the summer. Though there are many water sources like Hermit Creek and Garden Creek on this trail but the quality of water is low as it is laden with heavy metals and bacteria. (Always filter the water from these water sources before consumption).
  3. Lamar Valley Trail , Wyoming:
    Lamar Valley Trail is located about 7.1 miles from Yellowstone Natural Park. It is amongst the best hiking trails in the US for beginners. The major highlight of this hike is that it is not much surrounded by nature, though it is still beautiful. On your way, you might be lucky enough to spot beautiful wildlife animals like wolf, bear, elk, and bison. Also during your hiking session, you will get a chance to see the real beauty of the Amethyst Mountains.
  4. Mount Katahdin, Maine:
    Mount Katahdin is a well-known peak and hiking here is not a joke. Many hikers either begin or end their epic journey here. You need to be absolutely fit to enjoy this trail. Though the time required to complete the entire hike is just around 8 – 12 hours but you might face a lot of difficulty during your hike here as you have to walk by the rocky, strenuous and extremely tricky and difficult path. Only experienced and well-trained hikers must-try hike at this spot.

    Remember, while hiking always keep the right pieces of equipment and gear with you. Every adventure starts with the correct gear. If you are planning to discover some of the best and beautiful hiking spots in the USA, then make sure to use BH Mallorca promo code via Don’tPayAll to save a good amount of money on your accommodation, trip booking and more.
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