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5 Things to Consider While Buying Hiking Shoes

You might be itching to go on a hike, remembering the thrill of the time when you stomped on the woods with your best foot forward. You also might be dying to use Sierra promo code to grab a nice pair of hiking boots. However, the store is temporarily closed in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, but their online site is open for browsing. They are also offering gift cards for future use. Have a glance at their collection of products.

Coming back to hiking, now that you are staying at home and hiking is not possible at this trying moment, why not educate yourselves on hiking, eh? Let’s talk about one of the most important things, often taken for granted– shoes.

Your feet take the brunt during hiking excursions. You feel thrill in hiking, but are you sure your feet are as thrilled as you? They need proper padding and protection during hiking.

Before Sierra store reopens for business, know how to choose the best hiking boots so that when you start shopping, you end up with the perfect pair in your hands.

Consider these 5 things while shopping for hiking shoes:

1. The Type of Hiker You Are
Are you a causal hiker or love to tread deep in the mountains? Hiking boots are different for different trekking types. There are light hiking shoes; then there are mountaineering boots designed for rocky territory, snowy paths, or glacial trails. They are seriously tough. If you love to go on and off the trail and are planning for a multi-day trek trip in the future, choose backpacking boots.

2. The Type of Material the Shoes are madeof
Material is important, as the wrong make and material can suffocate your feet during hiking. Shoes come in synthetic material, split-grain leather and full-grain leather. The first one is a light material that dries easily, but is not water resistant. The second one is a combo of leather and synthetic. It is a breathable choice but is not too durable. Full-grain leather is the best choice for serious hiking. Most mountaineering boots are made of this heavy material – highly durable and made for rough terrain.

3. The Type of Cut
Choose a cut as per the type of hiking. The wrong cut can give you rolled ankles or pebbles in your shoes, which are very uncomfortable. Shoes come in low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut. The first one is similar to running shoes, but don’t go for serious hiking with these shoes on. You can sprain your ankle. If you are an adventurous hiker with an affinity for dangerous terrain, get high-cut shoes.

4. The Right Size
Does the pair give your toes plenty of wiggle room? Does it fit snugly around your foot balls? Are they comfortable with socks on? If you answer “yes” to ALL the questions, grab the pair! The best time to buy hiking boots is in summer.

5. The Big Test
Always test your shoes in the neighborhood before using them for hiking. This breaks them in. If you realize you got the wrong pair, never compromise with your feet. Return them. Get another pair.

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